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If your pet is a family member, you're home now -- at Angel Animals Network.


Inspiring Stories of Animals Who Comfort and Heal Children 
Angel Animals Network 2010 True Story Contest

Note: The last day for entering this
contest is September 15, 2010.

View the Winners and the Judges for the
2010 Angel Animals Who Comfort and Heal Children Contest.



Contest Rules

The Angel Animals Network 2010 True Story Contest is now accepting submissions of real-life stories that depict the healing bond between children and a wide spectrum of animals -- dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, gerbils, ferrets, rabbits, any family pet or animal in nature. The story should show an animal helping children, parents, or families to deal with difficult situations and circumstances. (Read "Contest Announcement" for further information about the types of stories to submit for this contest.)

Click the ENTRY FORM. Complete the entry form and include it with each story submission. Either the person who wrote the story or the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18 may submit a total of three stories and complete the entry form.

Story submissions must be no more than 2,000 words in English. They should be typed.

Stories must be original, not copyrighted by anyone else, and based on real animals, people, and events.

For judging and awards, preference will be given to emotionally evocative and well-written narrative nonfiction stories. Please do not submit journalistic articles, profiles, testimonials, essays, or fiction for this contest.

For judging and awards, judges may decide not to issue awards due to lack of submissions on the contest topic of Animals Who Comfort and Heal Children.

Contest story submissions will not be returned. Please do not include photographs.

You may view the list of 1st place and 2nd place winners on the Angel Animals Network Website after winners are announced on October 15, 2010. You can also subscribe to the free weekly, online Angel Animals Story of the Week Newsletter and look for winners to be announced there.

To be eligible, contest entries must be postmarked no later than September 15, 2010.  

Entry Fee:

There is no entry fee to submit a story for the contest.

Number of Entries:

Each individual is limited to submit three separate entries. Fill out an entry form for each story you enter.


Employees/volunteers and the immediate family (spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, daughter or son, regardless of where they live) or members of the same households (whether related or not) of such employees/volunteers are not eligible. There are no citizen status or resident country restrictions for contestants.

Anyone who is eligible can submit a contest story but the Andersons are especially interested in stories by:

  • parents, grandparents, or legal guardians of children or teens
  • children or teens with consent of parents or legal guardians
  • adults recalling their child or teenage experiences
  • health care professionals, social workers, teachers, animal-assisted therapy volunteers or staff of organizations with stories about a child or teen


Judging the stories for this contest will be based on the exceptional nature of the animal(s) who demonstrates or performs some type of extraordinary physical, emotional, or spiritual service to the child or teen. Other categories on which stories will be judged are: readability, spiritual connection between human and animal, dramatic/emotional appeal, inspirational, and representation of good practices for animal health and welfare. A panel of judges, who are known for their service to animals, will select the finalists.

All decisions are final.


Each prize winner will receive a frameable certificate
indicating the entrant's name, title of the story, and level of award.

Grand Prize

One grand prize of $250 will be awarded to the first-place winning contestant.

2nd Place Prize

A second place prize of $25.00 will be awarded to 5 contestants.  

Honorable Mentions

There will be 5 or more entries chosen as Honorable Mentions.  


Click Entry Form PRINT VERSION to go directly to the Inspiring Stories of Animals Who Comfort and Heal Children -- Angel Animals Network 2010 True Story Contest Official Entry Form.



To subscribe to the Angel Animals Story of the Week newsletter send a blank e-mail message to

 to read past Angel Animals newsletters.


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If your pet is a family member, you're home now -- at the Angel Animals Network.

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