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If your pet is a family member, you're home now!


Writers Guidelines




Writers Guidelines for Angel Animals Story of the Week
Increasing Love & Respect for All Life -- One Story at a Time

The Angel Animals Story of the Week is enjoyed by an animal-loving community of thousands in over forty-five countries around the world. It is a free online, opt-in subscription-based newsletter that contains a letter/blog at the beginning followed by a Story of the Week from a contributor. It also offers inspiring quotes and announcements about books and other projects from the Angel Animals Network.

This unique newsletter warms the heart and offers a timely vision of spiritual wonders, love, and wisdom for a world sorely in need of them. Each week, our readers look forward to a story that honors and celebrates animals as family members. The stories focus on everyday people discovering and benefiting from the miraculous powers of pets, farm animals, and animals in nature.

We accept unsolicited story submissions and queries. We accept jpgs with a photo of the pet or animal in your story. We also accept poetry submissions but rarely use poetry.

Submitting Stories for Angel Animals Story of the Week:
Email to personal, true-life stories about your spiritual experiences with an animal and/or the benefits of a relationship you’ve had with an animal. Write the story in first person and make it between 300 to 600 words. Include a bio of about 25 words about yourself, your family’s pets, and any website information you want readers to have. For samples of stories and bios go to and look at “Archived Newsletters.”

Ways to submit your story:
1. E-mail:  (preferred method)
2. FAX: 952-825-4729, Attn: Allen & Linda Anderson, Angel Animals Story of the Week Submission
3. U.S. Postal Mail: Angel Animals Story of the Week Submission, POB 16682, Minneapolis, MN 55416. Include an email address, if you have one, and a phone number.

Payment and Rights:
If your story is published, you receive a byline, a 25-word bio that is published with your story, and a publication credit. There is no monetary payment.

By submitting your story you agree to its publication in the Angel Animals Story of the Week newsletter and website, blogs, and possible articles.

If the story were to be considered for publication in an upcoming book, the Andersons would get back in touch with you about further rights for that project.

Submission of your story also gives permission for it to be lightly edited to meet the style and standards of the newsletter.

Questions to Consider:
We suggest considering the following questions when writing about your Angel Animals experiences:

    •  Has an animal been there for you during challenging times or major events in your life?
    •  Have there been times when an animal or pet protected or warned you of possibledanger?
    •  Has an animal performed an act of compassion, protection, healing, orheroic courage?
    •  Have you and an animal teamed up to fulfill a life purpose and/or perform acts of service?
    •  Did a pet or animal lead you to find your purpose in life? Has an animal taken you on the mission of giving service?
    •  Has an animal or pet brought people a message of love, acceptance, gratitude, or inner direction?
    •  Has a relationship with your pet been a catalyst for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing?
    •  Has it been apparent that a pet or animal was meant to be in your life at a certain time for a special purpose?
    •  Has the example of an animal caused you to become a better friend, spouse, parent, or family member?
    •  Are there examples of pet(s) who have shown how to handle life's challenges, deal with change, heal, trust, or creatively solve problems?
    •  How has an animal’s ability to live in the now helped you or others become present to their own life?
    •  Has a pet been a mirror to your life, health, or attitudes by reflecting them back to you in some way?
    •  What has your pet taught you about death, dying, grieving, and the afterlife?


Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network
POB 16682
Minneapolis, MN 55416



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If your pet is a family member, you're home now -- at the Angel Animals Network.

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