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"Allen and Linda Anderson, publishers of the Minneapolis newsletter, Angel Animals, and a forthcoming book on spiritual lessons taught to humans by animals, will present a San Francisco workshop today for the Learning Annex."
--Leah Garchick, “Personals,”
San Francisco Chronicle

"Signet has found its entry in Angel Animals, a September 1999 release about the spiritual lessons we learn from our pets by Allen and Linda Anderson, a Minneapolis husband-and-wife team who publish The Angel Animals Newsletter [online] on the subject."
Publisher's Weekly

"Among the stories that have appeared in the Minneapolis newsletter, Angel Animals, which examines spiritual lessons taught to humans by animals: A Rabbit Helped Me Take My Next Spiritual Step, Learning Patience from My Cockatiels."
--“K & D,”
The Vancouver Sun

"Combining America's love of pets and angels, Allen and Linda Andersons launched Angel Animals Network (Minneapolis), featuring tales of spiritual truths and lessons animals teach us in their Angel Animals Story of the Week Newsletter."
Groom & Board

"A sample of the Angel Animals [online] newsletter contained stories from purely fun to serious. I was especially touched by tales of people's experiences with their sick and dying pets, and the ways their grief was reconciled. Considering how we feel about our pets, their passing-and our ways of dealing with it-are sorely neglected topics in contemporary writing, I think."
--Rita Elkins, "Focus on Faith,"
Florida Today

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  • "Angel animals teach by their example how to work for a greater good. With their ability and willingness to serve and give, they demonstrate the spiritual qualities that inspire people to become better human beings than they ever thought they could be. Perhaps angel animals show how to respond to a greater calling and help someone who needs it."
    --Allen and Linda Anderson,
    Angel Animals: Divine Messengers of Miracles, p. 89

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"Anatole France said, 'Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.' We agree with that statement. And we heartily invite you to join us in exploring the world of Angel Animals."

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