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Angel Dogs with a Mission: Divine Messengers in Service to All Life


Angel Dogs with a Mission: Divine Messengers in Service to All Life by Minnesota authors, Allen and Linda Anderson (New World Library, October 1, 2008), is a collection of twenty true stories about dogs who found their purpose in life and gave bucket-loads without expecting a return. The foreword is written by Marc Bekoff, PhD, professor emeritus of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

As with the hugely popular Marley & Me, millions of dog lovers will want to be inspired and entertained by the dramatic human-and-dog journeys in this new book. The amazing stories provide laughter, proof that miracles are possible, and tears - the good kind.

Keno, the yellow Lab took only 22 minutes to find a lift operator, buried in an avalanche (people can't survive more than 30 minutes) and was named Search and Rescue Dog of the Year in 2002 by Purina.

Abdul, the first service dog, trained by Bonnie Bergin and Kerrill Knaus-Hardy in the mid-70s, paved the way for people with disabilities to gain independence.

Marvin, a lame, Rhode Island SPCA Labrador retriever turned family pet, paints with his tail, has exhibits of his artwork, visits schools and nursing homes, and raises money to enable elderly and sick people to keep their pets.

Anna, a German shepherd at Ground Zero after September 11, damaged her lungs searching through the wreckage and inspired Sarah Atlas to start an assistance program for volunteer search and rescue dog handlers.

Kobi, a yellow Lab and beloved family pet with an exceptional sense of smell and intelligence, became one of the most famous cancer-sniffing dogs in the world and contributed to breakthrough research fro combating this deadly disease.

Tuffy, a King Charles Cavalier served as grief counselor with Dr. Karla Rose during the horrible days following the Virginia Tech shootings

Skidboot, the world famous Texas blue heeler of cowboy and entertainer David Hartwig, was a guest on Jay Leno, Oprah, and David Letterman shows but started life as an abandoned puppy who grew up to become an inspiration for millions.

"Founders of the Angel Animals Network and the authors of several books dealing with our spiritual bond with domestic animals, Allen and Linda Anderson manage to remind us who some of the real angels in our lives are. In Angel Dogs with a Mission, the Andersons turn their attention to canines with special purposes, such as service dogs, dogs who perform animal-assisted therapy, police dogs, cancer-detecting pups, and search-and-rescue dogs. As with their previous anthologies, this inspiring collection of stories speaks to the heart the spirit."
--Sally Rosenthal, "The Animals' Bookshelf," Best Friends Magazine, November/December 2008

Secret Missions for Obama's New First Dog

The new White House canine will have an impact on controversial animal issues while providing teachable moments for the responsibilities and benefits of family pets.

Click FIRST DOG for details.



Linda Anderson featured on KARE 11 "Showcase Minnesota"
talking about
Angel Dogs with a Mission


"This irresistible book [Angel Dogs with a Mission: Divine Messengers in Service to All Life] contains dozens of amazing stories about dogs who rescued, healed, taught, and changed the lives of people across the nation."
--Animal Wellness Magazine, February/March 2009

"This volume [Angel Dogs with a Mission: Divine Messengers in Service to All Life] is filled with inspiring and touching stories of service dogs, therapy dogs, and dogs who have healed, saved lives, taught, and inspired in their mission to be of service to both family members and strangers."
--Species Link Magazine, Winter 2009

"The 10th book by Linda and Allen Anderson, founders of the Angel Animals Network (, Angel Dogs with a Mission: Divine Messengers in Service to All Life, collects true stories of the achievements of working dogs."
--By Dick Donahue, Publishers Weekly, 9/1/2008



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