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Spiritual Perspectives for People Who Believe Pets Are Family Members


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New Books from Allen and Linda Anderson

A Dog Named Leaf
By Allen Anderson with Linda Anderson. (Globe Pequot Press, 224 pages, $16.95)

The American Society of Journalist and Authors (ASJA) has selected A DOG NAMED LEAF by Minnesota authors Allen Anderson with Linda Anderson (Globe Pequot/Lyons Press) as one of the winners of the prestigious 2013 ASJA Awards in the Lifestyle/Memoir category.


A Dog Named Leaf is now an audio book.
Visit,, or to download.


New Book Reviews for A Dog Named Leaf

"Part Marley and Me and part Jon Katz... the story is endearing, and the many photographs of Leaf running, swimming, and chasing a tennis ball in south Minneapolis are adorable."
--Laurie Hertzel, "The Browser", Minneapolis Star Tribune

"This touching, almost lyrical book [A Dog Named Leaf] is a very personal story bravely told by the author and his wife...  This is a lovely story that will uplift anyone who has ever loved a dog."
--Amy Shojai, Guide

Allen says, “Thanks to a loving, intuitive, paper-chewing pup, I am alive and well today.”
--National Examiner, as told to L.A. Justice

"Throughout [A Dog Named Leaf], he clearly conveys the affection that he and his dog have for each other and how that affection proved crucial to his recovery from brain surgery..."
--Publisher's Weekly


Animals and the Kids Who Love Them is an insightful blend of compelling stories and rich life lessons from which we can all learn. For all who have had an animal touch their life in some way, this book serves as a wonderful reminder that animals profoundly impact us at every stage of life.”
— Dianne McGill, executive director and CEO, Banfield Charitable Trust


All of Allen and Linda's books are available at New World Library, Lyons Press, online, or regular bookstores, and at many gift shops that sell animal books.

Visit our wonderful publishers' websites at and to see the wide array of animal books and outstanding authors published by these companies.






Sampling of Allen and Linda Anderson's International Media Coverage and Celebrity Support



 The Cat with a "Sixth Sense"

In a radio interview that Allen and Linda Anderson did for their book, Angel Cats, a man named Van from Saskatchewan, Canada, called in to the show. He said that every time a member of his family has a problem or is in any kind of distress, their cat Smokey sits or sleeps on that person's bed. Van noticed that even if he had a bad day at work, when he arrived home, he'd find Smokey on his bed.

Although the cat has been doing this for years, Van never paid much attention to Smokey's behavior until his daughter went away to college. One night, Smokey slept on Van's daughter's bed. The cat looked very morose.

Seeing Smokey on the bed made Van miss his daughter so he called her dormitory to chat. He learned that she'd been admitted to the hospital because she was very sick with the flu. Not wanting to alarm her family, she hadn't called them. Although he lived many miles away from the daughter, Smokey had delivered the message that something was wrong.

Now Van recognizes Smokey's signal. If Smokey sleeps on a family member's bed, Van calls to ask if there is trouble. Smokey has never been wrong about his diagnosis of a condition. When all is well, Smokey peacefully sleeps on the couch in the living room.

Smokey serves as this family's spiritual mirror. When they pay attention to his "sixth sense," they are able to help each other through troubled times.



Allen and Linda Anderson are pet-expert speakers, authors, and founders of the Angel Animals Network. They help people discover and benefit from the miraculous powers of animals. Dedicated to promoting human-animal companionship, Allen and Linda donate a portion of proceeds from their work to animal rescue organizations and do fundraising activities.

The Andersons believe that whenever you connect spiritually with animals, thousands of new doors open. Through their books, newsletters,  presentations, insights, and this website they will show you portals into a whole new world where animals are your guides, healers, and friends.

With pets in 63% of American homes (71 million households) in 2007, it's astonishing to consider the consequences of ignoring animals as wisdom partners and the benefits of tapping into their hidden talents.





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