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Tippi Hedren & Linda Anderson


August 12, 2008

 Tippi Hedren autographs her story in RESCUED for Linda Anderson

What do the stars do for animals?

We recently had the pleasure of meeting movie star and animal activist Tippi Hedren. She was honored at an event hosted by Minnesota Proud. The organization was created to honor the people from Minnesota who have earned recognition in the film and television industry. Minnesota Proud also created the Minnesota "Walk of Fame" similar Hollywood Walk of Stars and presented Tippi with a star that will be installed on the sidewalk in front of the historic State Theater in Minneapolis.

Tippi's extraordinary sanctuary for big cats, Shambala, was featured in our book, RESCUED: Saving Animals from Disaster. We spent many hours doing phone interviews, follow-up emails, faxes, and more phone calls in order to include her story in the book. But we had never met Tippi in person.

The agenda for the event was a mix of a retrospective of her films, an interview and chat with Tippi, followed by a short film about her ROAR Foundation and the Shambala Sanctuary. Dinner was held afterwards at a nearby restaurant.

Tippi autographed her section of the book for us and was every bit as warm, gracious, and elegant as we had imagined her to be. We have photos posted for you to see what was a special event for us. Go to For more information about Shambala, go to To read about the Minnesota Proud project, visit



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