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Linda Anderson sharing a moment with a resident dog.



Emily, a Home for Life resident, is featured in Angel Dogs with a Mission.


Close 100 people with their dogs, cats, and rabbits attended the memorial service.


Honoring the Animals and Their Caregivers

Today was very special for us. We were asked to do a presentation about pet loss at the Home For Life 4th Annual Memorial Garden Event at the organization's sanctuary in Star Prairie, Wisconsin. On a mild autumn day, with the sun peeking through clouds, we joined about one hundred people to remember the animals who lived out their lives in this amazing place.

The ceremony also included Herb Sam, spiritual advisor to the Mille Lac Band of Ojibwe'. He officiated a Native American memorial service, a poetry reading, and musical performances.

Prior to the presentation we toured the sanctuary. We were greeted with many white- whiskered muzzles of dogs and cats. Their people had left bequests for their animal family members to make sure they have a safe and loving home here.

Many of the younger animals had been rescued from abusive situations or with threats of euthanization hanging over their short lives.

In addition to dogs and cats the sanctuary houses birds, rabbits, a turtle, and a goat. Perhaps most touching were the disabled animals. They scooted around in whatever ways worked best for them along soft green turf.

Each enclosure consists of a cooled and well-ventilated building with an outdoor area where the animals mingle and exercise. Volunteers cared for and played with the residents with much love and attention. Everything gleamed clean and orderly.

Lisa LaVerdiere, founder and executive director of Home for Life, had asked us to do a blessing for the animals who were present today with their people. We designed a participatory blessing. It included inspiring quotes, chanting HU (pronounced hue), a sacred love song to God that animals respond to with appreciation, and closing with an ancient prayer, "May the blessings be."

Afterwards, many people told us how much they had enjoyed our comments about the importance of remembering and honoring the life and death of an animal family member. Their hearts had been opened

by animals who shared their lives, enabling them to soar on wings of unconditional love.

Here are the quotes we used in the animal blessing.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
--Anatole France

"Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission -- to be of service to them wherever they require it."
--St. Francis of Assisi

"If I spent enough time with the tiniest creature -- even a caterpillar -- I would never have to prepare a sermon. So full of God is every creature.
--Meister Eckhart



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