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If your pet is a family member, you're home now -- at Angel Animals Network.



We gave the name Speedy to the slowest cat in the world. As it turned out, the only things he was consistently fast at were running away from strangers and dashing to his food bowl. Other than that, he lumbered around the house, looking like the Lion King on tranquilizers. He ruled us all with his quiet dignity.

Last night, our majesty and king Speedy moved on to rule another realm. He took our hearts with him.

What a love Speedy was. He would sit on the back of the living room sofa and literally wrap his tail around Allen's neck while gently placing his paw on Allen's shoulder. Even in the last hour he spent in his worn out old body, he instantly purred every time Linda touched him.

One of his most endearing actions was the way he would move his head foreword when Linda or Allen leaned over to give him a little kiss. It was as if he wanted to catch the kiss and not have to wait an extra moment for it.

Speedy was a homebody. He loved his privacy and didn't care for strangers. To this day, there are people who visited our house and don't know we had two cats. Our little hostess Cuddles ran to greet them. Speedy hid out of sight until they were gone.

In the last few days before he left us, Speedy stopped eating and drinking. He slept most of the time. But as weak as he was, he climbed the stairs where Linda has her office. He positioned himself under the desk where he could look at her whenever he was awake and have his head scratched.

This was a cat who absolutely hated going to the veterinarian's office. As a younger cat, he almost had kidney failure twice and had to be "unplugged". We called him our two thousand dollar cat. He was worth every penny.

Because of the love he had for his home and the terrible stress it put on him to go to the vet, we chose at-home euthanasia. Thanks to those beautifully kind vets from Minnesota Pets (, the lovely and gentle Dr. Helen came to help Speedy join his fellow angels last night.

Stretched out on Linda's lap for the last time, he went peacefully and sweetly. He left a physical body behind that had served him well for nearly twenty years.

We miss you, Mr. Speedy. Like no one else we have every known, you taught us the value of quiet, constant love and devotion from an ever-gentle heart.

September 30, 2011

Last night, our majesty and king Speedy moved on to rule another realm.

He took our hearts with him. -- Allen and Linda



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If your pet is a family member, you're home now -- at the Angel Animals Network.

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